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Monday, September 24, 2007
More sites I love. (I bought her book. It was worth it. I knit her toe-up sock pattern with a few alterations). (Btw, I never filled out their validation for becoming a registered heartless bitch. I don't need their validation)

And now some comics (one of the authors is Hawk, and this amuses me because of the relation to my real last name) (which is Geekier) (and even more geek) Read the Soup, and the de la Sangre stories. Long. Dramatic. About the Sims. But still very good.

Now you know why my word count sucks.
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Monday, September 17, 2007
Just did a poll for Harris Polls, and they wanted to know how I decorate my home. They wanted to know if I went for "English Country", "French Country," "Americana Rustic", "Urban", or Art Deco, or a bunch of other styles. I looked in vain for "Early Garage Sale" or "Cat Hair Friendly" or "Animal prints with panelling" but these didn't seem to be options. Nor was there a choice for "Post Stash Enhancement".

Of course, the poll got an awful lot shorter when I confessed to never ever watching home improvement shows like This Old House, or "Piss Off Your Neighbors" (aka Trading Spaces). And they did want to know what kind of floors I have- concrete surprisingly wasn't an option, nor was several years' old grotty carpet the cats and dogs have peed on for years.

It's not that I am a terrible housekeeper- although I am, but Jazz keeps a nice house-- but really there weren't any pet friendly options at all, and most of the poll was taken up by several moodily lit sets of wall hooks. Which oddly, I've only bought a couple for hanging up of bathrobes on the back of the door. I have a good one my father made for me, which I wanted as a hat rack, but the pegs are too close together to put hats on, and we never nailed it to the wall sturdily enough to put coats on.

It was just strange enough I felt moved to share.
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Friday, September 14, 2007
You're no Bunny til some Bunny loves you

Some bunny out there right now may not love me at all.

Kenya Dog, the mighty hunter, caught a bunny today. We didn't let her keep it. Jazz was out having a smoke, and noticed, and yelled at her. The bunny made a break for it, but stupidly got stuck in our chain link fence. The hind legs would not go through. It is possible there may be a break in one of them. The bunny cries caught my attention- they were louder than baby deer crying and halfway between sheep baa and baby cries. I came out immediately to see what was wrong. Jazz told me it was a bunny. I put my shoes on and looked.

We found the pruning shears and attacked the wire by the bunny. It cried when we stopped doing anything. It did swing to look me in the eye, but it never tried to bite. I hurt my finger moving a wire out of the way, but eventually we widened the hole enough, and I could bend down and lift the bunny through the hole. my hand came away with blood on it- there must have been a puncture wound on the bunny, and probably more than one. But there was no real way to capture the bunny for a vet trip, and even then, I don't know who would take a wild bunny for medical care on a Sunday. And there was No safe way of leaving a bunny in our house for 24 hours while medical care is awaited. Not with 6 predators and two people- that poor bunny would die of fright. In the wild, it still has a chance. It could move both hind legs. So I have hope, it will be fine.

Meanwhile, I've washed the blood from my hands, and must endure the whining of the dogs- Kenya wants to get back out there and track the bunny down, which is just not a good idea, even though it's long gone.

Good luck, bunny.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Last night, I went to clean her up, and she did Not Want. She actually moved really fast to get out my way. Sassy Does Not Voom, but she voomed to get out of the way. So I no longer thought she might be dying, and immediately started thinking anal sac explosion. Thanks to Tom's earlier experiences (see October 6, 2006, and October 12)), I knew that cats had anal sacs. So I figured that must be what happened with Sassy. But with Tom, I only noticed because I lifted his tail when he did not want me touch it and just thought, "ooo that looks expensive." Sassy was a smelly shower of blood and that smelly crap.

I just got back from the vet's office. The vet tech was surprised when I said, "You probably don't want to take her temperature." Then I pointed the rear at her and she said, "um, yes, I think you're right." I held Sassy for the vet, and she agreed with me. They took her in the back and cleaned her up.

Apparently the left anal sac had abscessed, and yesterday when I lifted her, the strain on the skin over the area burst it... all over me. So after they bathed and shaved the area, there were two gaping holes in her flesh next to the anus. They also squoze the right side and it was apparently pretty full as well, but not liable to explode as readily. She's on antibiotics until these wounds heal. As a diabetic, that may take a while.

Let's hope for the best.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
More trouble with Sassy Fatso.

I picked her up for her 7 pm shot and carried her downstairs. She objected rather more than she usually does. And the smell soon became something awful. It wasn't until I got her into the kitchen (and a good light) that I realized that she was leaking red stool, and it was all over me. I was trying not to vomit while Jazz grabbed the paper towels. He went for my arm first, but I made him aim for the source of the problem first. Then I stripped while he called the vet. She goes in first thing in the morning. I'll keep you updated.

While you have your prayers out, say a few kind words for The One True Tami, Blessedbehername, as she goes for an IVC filter placement this week. I hope it all turns out okay. She's been having a rough year and making me feel positively healthy.

And I have not one but *two* friends who are losing their houses this month. I do not feel lucky. It's not going to get better, my friends. It's not going to get better at all.
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