Dear Dear Diary
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
It never rains but it pours.

Miss Spider Cat last night must have had a stroke. Her eyes are no longer dilating equally. She's having minor depth perception issues, but seems fine.

My ear/neck hurts. I go back to the doc today too. Week 5 of no voice sucks dingleberries.

And Kirby, our boy with MS, has announced he has inoperable liver cancer.
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Monday, February 25, 2008
Four weeks of the same damn cold make me want to crawl into a corner and just sleep, but I'm hacking so much, I don't sleep. Suxxors.

Pardon my obsession.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Better lyrics. Please enjoy.


Don’t you wish your girlfriend could knit like me?

Don’t you wish your girlfriend could talk like me?

Don’t you? Don’t you?

Don’t you wish your girlfriend could spin like me?

Don’t you wish your girlfriend could swear like me?

Don’t you? Don’t you?

I know you drink.

I know you swear.

Lazy, Stupid, godless, like I like to be.

I know my grammar

And enunciate.

So talking to a woman is where you’ve got to be.


Sure we can fuck.

Sure we can drink.

But mind games have no place with me.

I like it straight.

I tell the truth.

What you see is what you get- get used to it.


I know to get

Just what I want

And if you aren’t it, I’ll tell you so.

And you if you have

Somebody else

Leave me alone-I’m not a ho.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Can you believe I have had this damn cold for more than three weeks? I actually had a voice last weekend which was lovely, but the cold is back and in force.

I finally gave up and went to the doc. Of course, my regular doc wasn't available, but the one I did see assured me that I had croup. No antibiotics, but I am getting to try some special drugs I haven't tried before. I just hope I'm better for the weekend- I've been looking forward to going to this schola all year.

But I'm lacking a lot of energy and interest in anything at the moment. Since Jazz is coughing too, we're now arguing over who gets to sleep on the couch. I've won so far, but tonight, he's determined to try. What happens though is the dogs freak out and don't like it at all. They want the routine of all of us going to bed. In the same room. We shall see how it goes.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
If the weather is good tomorrow night, I know what I'll be doing around 10 PM.

Watching the total lunar eclipse. Apparently, we live in the area to see the total eclipse. The map is on the lower part of the page, so you can see whether the eclipse will be visible for you or not.

I enjoyed my weekend of having a voice back... and now I'm congested again. Dammit.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Now Jazz found this offensive. He thinks the lolcats are speaking ebonics, and therefore how dare they endorse Obama. So he thinks this site, Yes We Can Has!, to be terribly offensive.

I find it funny. And I endorse their messages, since I truly hope Obama will win.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day.
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Monday, February 11, 2008
I spent two hours in the yarn shop today, and I didn't buy anything.

My yarn diet is proud of me.

But we won't discuss the money spent on a sock club or the knitandtonic destash...

I will have nothing but homemade socks next year!
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Saturday, February 09, 2008
It's been more than a week now without a voice.

I begin to wonder what it would be like if I continue to have no voice like this, only able to speak in whispers, and the occassional singing base along with the radio. Jazz is getting really fast with the mute button on the TV so that when I do speak, he can hear me croak. I don't even answer the phone any more. I just fetch it for Jazz. The last time I tried to answer the phone, the person on the other end (whom I could not identify anyway) never heard me, and hung up in disgust.

Having no voice mainly affects my social life, but the sad thing is there isn't much of that these days. I'm afraid to visit Fran next door, as I don't want her to come down with this annoying cold. She's 70+ if not 80+ and I know her health issues would make battling this kind of creeping crud even worse than what I'm enduring. I have the occasional local meeting, with knitters and the SCA, but otherwise, I just don't leave. It's kind of sad when you count shop clerks as your friends because they are some of the few people you talk to every week.

It's part of why I like the Internet so much. I loved gaming for the social aspect. I like Ravelry for the same reason (and it doesnt have a monthly fee). I think if I could not have this social outlet, I'd probably go batty.
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Thursday, February 07, 2008
In the interest of not leaving invective at the top of this screen, I'd better post something else.

I still have my cold, and no voice. I've taken to carrying a pad of paper around and write notes to Jazz. It limits my ability to be funny, because the timing is off when I hoarsely comment something, he says, "What?", and then I write it down for him. I think this is the longest I've been without the ability to talk. The odd thing is that I don't feel any sicker than if I was having a small level reaction. So I'm perfectly capable of functioning normally for me. I just have no voice and cough a bit deeper.

My sleep is still all fucked up though. Last night, I woke myself from a nightmare. I had gone back to my college, and it had gone steampunk of all things (I love the asthetic of steampunk, but I know how terribly impractical it all is). So I was touring the changes made, and then I started noticing all of the dead bodies. No blood, just heads tucked into arms after being removed. Stacks and stacks of dead bodies. And I had the horror creeping up on me that this would be me joining them at the end of my tour. I guess that's a nice summary of my feelings about Wells these days. I don't think any of their changes have been practical, and I'll go back for a tour over my dead body. And that really depresses me, but I have other things to obsess over more.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Stephen Wells is an ignorant cunt, because being a cunt is the only way he can ever feel pussy.

His first article on knitting only moved me to say, "Oh. He can use Fuck as one part of speech. That's just... unimaginative." I did read a lot of invective that he stirred up by it, including a contest being held over at the Anticraft to create funky hats with bobbles and ear flaps. I was angry then, but not enough to waste yarn.

His second article on knitting, because since the first one produced such vitriol in response and bumped the readership of his backwater paper he naturally had to have a second one, further proved his illogical combination of knitters as both Nazis and hippies. The premise of both articles is that "knitting isn't cool." Apparently to him, spreading ignorant insults is.

I won't link his articles here. I feel badly enough I have wasted my time reading them. I dont actually care if knitting is cool or not. It's something I like to do, possibly as much as Stephen Wells likes wanking to porn in his parent's basement. I'm marginally bothered by my urges to insult him personally, but for all I know they're just as true as the paintbrush he used to describe all knitters as neo-Nazi hippies, waiting for their shot in a Leni Riefenstahl flick.

I hope he meets a really nice girl some day in a dark alley who bends him over a trashcan and uses a size 40 on him, because obviously, he's been fantasizing about it.

But from here on, I'm just not feeding this troll. I don't need to waste valuable stitching time thinking about him.
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Monday, February 04, 2008
If you live in a state that participates in Super Tuesday, and you have any capacity for voting tomorrow, I pray you vote. I don't care if you vote for someone I don't like- but I sincerely hope you vote. Jazz won't be- he's registered as an independent and therefore cannot vote in a Republican or Democratic primary in the state of NY.

I am registered democratic, and I will be voting for Barak Obama. I would have preferred to vote for John Edwards, but he seems to have pulled out at the moment. I know it may surprise many that I am not in favor of Hillary, but I do not like her healthcare program, her voting history on Iraq, and the "dynastic" implications, in addition to her deliberate maneuvering of the New York political system to get into her current position. It's a personal hatred that goes beyond sensible. I want to continue to be proud of never voting for her (including the senatorial primaries).

Having gone to a women's college and being a registered democrat for years, my mail tells me that my vote for her has been assumed for years. I receive yearly invitations to fund raising dinners for her as well as pleas for finding without dinner and a chance to meet her. I've gotten several robocalls from Chuck Schumer (the mythical other senator from NY) urging me to vote for her. I have heard nothing but blessed silence from Obama and Edwards, and I confess I prefer it. I don't watch a great deal of TV, and other than advertising aimed at getting "younger" people to get out and vote, I've seen a total of one presidential campaign commercial, for Mike Huckabee.

But this election season is as exciting as yesterday's Superbowl. It's still possible to upset the Hillary Clinton juggernaut. And I am praying that this is so.

A large part of why I don't want Hillary is because I know her presidency would be marked by Republicans uniting to stand against her, like they stood against her husband. A hatred for the Clintons, the delving into any possible sniff of wrongdoing, another possible impeachment or just serious roadblocking is inevitable with her in the White House.

Also, Bush has been nototrious about stealing more power for the executive branch. The Clintons would continue to *use* it. And possibly attempt to steal more. Obama seems to be more upright than that and more likely to revert back to a restoration of powers - or at least I like to think so. Otherwise this slow erosion of legislative power with corruption of the executive power will continue, and we will eventually end up with cesars. It's inevitable.

And scary as all fuck.

So please, Vote.
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Saturday, February 02, 2008
This one is just for those not interested in the Superbowl and looking for something else to do... And as a welcome back from the cruise to Tata and OTTami (blessedishername)

The Dildo Song

Do I have to say this link is Not Safe For Work? Hell, this blog barely is.
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